Aung La An San – Knocked out the opponent in 89 seconds

Friday, May 5th, 2023

“Hunting Dance” If there is strength, You will get medals…” The song of famous singer Lai Phyu’s hunting dance is part of Thailand, which is not Burma’s land. It was the loudest chorus of fans inside the Impact Arena in Bangkok.

When Aung La An San, who is famous as Myanmar’s rice python, entered the arena to compete against Brazilian fighter Gilberto Galvong, the fans sang along to the player’s introduction song.

Multi-martial boxer Aung La An San fought with Brazilian fighter Gilberto on the morning of January 14 as part of the One Championship’s mixed martial arts fight (One Fight Night -6).

Don, a young footballer of the Thai wild boar football team, died in Britain

Friday, May 5th, 2023

Northern Thailand It was initially learned that a young man named Non Dong, one of the members of the wild boar soccer team, who was rescued alive from being trapped in the Tamlong Nan Non cave in Chiang Rai province, has died in Britain.

The news of the young man’s death was released earlier by the Zico Foundation, which had awarded him a scholarship. The cause of death will be released later, he said.

It is reported that 17-year-old Nondong died in an accident that hit his head.

People close to his family told the BBC that he died on February 14 at the same hospital after being taken to hospital on Sunday after being unconscious in the dormitory.

He has been attending Brookhouse College Football Academy in Leicestershire since late last year.

He is also the captain of the wild boar soccer team that was trapped in a cave.

When he was admitted to a soccer academy in Britain in August last year, he wrote on his Instagram account, “My dream has come true,” which spread his joy to his teammates.

Now, just over 6 months later, his teammates are mourning the loss of Don.

The news of Don’s death was reported by his mother to the Dae Wong Monastery in his hometown of Chiang Rai, which was frequented by their members.

After the monastery posted a prayer on the Facebook social network saying, ‘May the don go well’, his members also wrote prayer letters.

‘You told me to look forward to playing for the national team. Until then, I believed you would be there,” wrote Prache Sutham, who was rescued from the cave along with Don in 2018.

‘The last time we met before you left for England, I even joked that when you come back I (the audience) will even ask for your autograph. Now listen to the good news. We’ll all always be 13,” another of his teammates said.

Nondon, last year 2018 He is 1 of the 13 children and 1 coach who were trapped in Tamlong Nan Nong cave in June due to heavy rains.

12 wild boar football team members and their coach were rescued from the cave after more than 2 weeks.

The coach, AK Phon, is a resident of Tachilek City, Shan State, and a young man from the Towet team, Ailu, called Aidun, is a Wa ethnic group.

After almost 18 days, rescue teams had to rescue them alive with difficulty, and their rescue became a world-famous event.

Manchester United – Wanted buyers invited to come to Old Trafford

Friday, May 5th, 2023

Manchester United chiefs have invited those who are trying to buy Manchester United and those who want to invest heavily to come and meet at Old Trafford in the next two weeks.

Among them were Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the owner of Inyos, and Qatari Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani. If the Glazer family were to sell the team outright, they are two of the front-runners.

Now, they will be invited to Old Trafford and show what is related to the team, including how they can increase the team’s income.

The Ratcliffe team will be visiting later this week. But it is not yet known whether the 70-year-old British billionaire himself will come. Sheikh Jassim’s team will also arrive in the coming week.

It is not yet known if there are any other teams that have offered to buy another team. But there are groups who have said they want to invest in United in part.

In addition, the investment group Elliott Grure said that not only those who offer to buy the team, but also if the Glazer family changes their mind and only adds new investments, they will issue money.

When you have presented what you need to know, Rain Gru, who is now handling the transaction, may ask you to present more new offers. Initial offers are merely proposals of interest to purchase.

Information about members of the club. Information about contracts and sponsorships is also allowed to be fully explored by prospective buyers.

It has been three weeks since the deadline for those interested in buying Manchester United to make an offer. From now on, these transactions may gain momentum. But it is less likely to be traded by the end of March as previously targeted.

It is still unclear what the Glazer family will do. United’s co-chairmen Joel and Abram Glazer want to keep a part of the club, but the remaining 4 siblings, who are also directors of the club, do not want to do so.

Gary Lineker is returning to the BBC

Friday, May 5th, 2023

England’s influential former football striker, Gary Lineker, the long-time presenter of the BBC’s main football commentary programme, has agreed to return to the BBC.

“Gary is a valuable part of the BBC. As Gerry, I know how much he values ​​the BBC. We look forward to his return to the program this coming weekend,” said BBC Director General Tim Davey.

Director General Tim Davey said in a statement that the BBC will conduct an independent review of the social media usage guidelines for staff.

He said the review would focus on existing guidance on how to behave on social media, particularly those working on independent contracts, not in the news and current affairs sector, such as Gary Lineker.

Gary also agrees to act in accordance with existing guidelines while this review is in place.